Protecting the prosperity of Canadians:
PFP's Shield of Tax and Legal Assurance

Professional Fee Protection Inc. is a Canadian-owned
Managed General Agent (MGA) specializing in Tax and
Legal Insurance.  

Our Bespoke Coverages can provide your clients with effective protection from Tax Audits and unforeseen Legal Events.

The Protection Your Clients Deserve!

When your clients are facing a lawsuit or a tax audit they have a million things to worry about.
Paying for their defence needn’t be one of them.

With Professional Fee Protection we have them covered.


Tax Investigation

When you’re faced with a tax audit the stress adds up fast. Tax Investigation Insurance pays  your accountant to go to bat for you. You get the best defence and your accountant gets paid. Win – Win.

Legal Expense Insurance

Legal Expense Insurance is like having a big-shot lawyer on retainer – without paying the big-shot fees. LEI lets your focus on running your business with legal expertise – and defence – available with a quick call.

Family Coverage

In life, we take the good with the bad. PFP Personal protection covers the most common legal problems facing Canadians – from speeding tickets to employment disputes, and everything in between.

Custom Solutions

Looking to get a leg up on your competition? Ready to show your members or clients your true value as an advisor? We will build a custom package to suit your members or clients and get them a preferred rate.


Help your clients stand up
for their rights
with Professional Fee Protection

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