If you’re not a lawyer, you probably:

    • Don’t enjoy or have time to keep up with new legislation.
    • Have legal questions but don’t want to pay your lawyer’s hourly fee to get them answered.
    • Have a nagging worry about being sued as you read about in the news all the time.

Instead of worrying about things that are out of your control, the smart business decision is to mitigate your risk.

Legal Expense Insurance is like having a lawyer on retainer, without paying retaining fees.

When a legal issue arises this immediately puts you and your business on the defensive. If you get sued – or need to take action against someone – Legal Expense Insurance will pay your legal fees. Plus, you get 24/7 access to a legal advice helpline – for any legal question, whether it’s business-related or not.

Act now – before you need it – and get unbelievable protection for one of your business’s biggest risks.

Go get a quote for stand-alone coverage from one of our Canadian Brokers to see how easy and inexpensive this is.

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Want these coverages for your clients or have a special requirement, group, or association let’s have a chat?

Check with us to see if you’re eligible.